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Analysis of the Gates of Olympus jackpot

Gates of Olympus jackpot

Please feel free to read our review of the Gates of Olympus jackpot if you’re curious about what Zeus has been up to. Recently, the Pragmatic Play video slot has drawn a lot of attention and is reportedly a big hit. Even though the theme has been done before, you can still enjoy the fresh new game that goes along with it. Be sure to explore every one of the additional features in Gates of Olympus! - freelancers’ services from $10

New video slot from Pragmatic Play, Gates of Olympus has six reels and an All Ways Pays structure in place. You may anticipate coming across a variety of features when playing the game, including popular ones and free spins bonus rounds. Read our assessment of the Gates of Olympus jackpot and make your own judgments regarding the theme of this game. Let’s start now.

Analysis of the Gates of Olympus Jackpot: An Introduction

First and foremost, Gates of Olympus is one of Pragmatic Play’s newest video slots. It has a 65 layout and an All Way engine. You must land eight or more matching symbols anywhere on the reels in order to form any kind of winning combination. The good news is that the symbols don’t need to be clustered together or near to the reel. Instead, all you need to do is drag their group to any screen corner.

Gates of Olympus offers a wide choice of betting options, letting players place wagers ranging from €/£0.20 to €/£125 every spin. The slot’s AutoPay feature, which enables users to wager up to 1,000 autos pins without actively pushing the spin button, adds to this.

Our examination of the Gates of Olympus jackpot shows that the slot’s RTP is 96.5%. This makes sense, particularly in light of the red slot’s high volatility. If you win the largest prize of 5,000 times your wager in a single spin, it is not unexpected. Since the slot machine is so unpredictable, it will be worth the wait when a win eventually materializes.

Theme and layout

The fact that the whole theme of demo gates of olympus is drawn from ancient Greek mythology and folklore is one of the first things you’ll notice about the game. The golden arena on Mount Olympus has fire and lightning in it, and Zeus, who is seated on the right side of the reels, is there to protect it. Pragmatic Play deserves credit for this one since the slot’s score is unmatched.

The atmosphere and subject of Gates of Olympus are excellent. The background music for the slot wonderfully establishes the mood with its adventurous theme. The slot machine itself is beautifully made and has excellent animations.

Symbols the Goblet, Ring, Sand Tier, together with five other stones, are the lowest earning symbols of all. The Golden Crown is Gates of Olympus’ most beneficial emblem. You win 50 times your bet whenever you land 12 or more on the same spin. Additionally, the multipliers might boost the winning reward.

The absence of a Wild Symbol sets Gates of Olympus apart from other jackpot slots. However, Zeus, the slot’s destructor, more than makes up for that oversight, which is fantastic news. The Free Spins round begins when you land his 4 on the reels.

What venue do you use?

  • You have a wide range of possibilities if you wish to test the slots on your own. After finishing our evaluation of the Gates of Olympus jackpot, visit the Pragmatic Play casino where you may choose to play on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.
  • Play Slots at King Billy Casino Online
  • Let’s only affirm that, in accordance with the characteristics of this slot, all the tools function flawlessly. It also covers devices including iOS, Android, Mac, PC, and tablets. Even the tiniest displays can accommodate the games without any problems.

Analysis of the Gates of Olympus Jackpot’s Bonus Features

You won’t ever get bored with Gates of Olympus, which is fantastic news. The slot machine contains a number of additional features, such as multipliers and free spins. Thankfully, you will come across the Tumble feature, the Multiplier feature, the Free Spins round, and the Ante Bet bonus rounds. Let’s examine each one in turn.

Flip Feature

The Tumble function is launched once a winning combination is obtained. Watch as winning symbols are swiped off your screen and fresh ones descend to fill in the gaps as soon as this occurs.

After your first victory, you will get another payment if the fresh signals result in a winning combination. This continues until your screen no longer displays any fresh winning combinations. Any Tumble feature victories are followed by the final rewards.

Increaser Feature

The next category is multiplier increases. Keep in mind how Zeus was created on the right side of your screen. Zeus has the ability to awaken and send the orb to the reels at any point throughout the initial game or the free spins round. There may be a bonus prize included with this, ranging from 2x to 500x. The orbs are most prevalent.

But there’s more! Zeus provides you these useful orbs, but they also have another characteristic. When you land several winged orbs on a single spin, their values are combined. Therefore, if you have an orb that has 20x and another that has 6x, together they will give you a boost of 26x.

Bonus Spins

You must land 4, 5, or 6 Zeus scatter symbols to access the Free Spins bonus round. You may do this for 3, 5, or 100 times your original investment, accordingly. Additionally, you will get the bonus round with 15 additional spins to use.

The majority of promos are welcome, which is fantastic news regarding the free spins bonus round. Every time you increase a land, just like in the land game, it’s worth is added to any existing surpluses you have accumulated. Therefore, during the bonus round, the multiplier may increase.

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