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Best Tools for Processing Online Payments In Business

Online Payments

Business owners have seen the need of ensuring that online payment methods are accessible to clients. It increases the potential of reaching clients they normally wouldn’t have reached offline. Luckily, there are several online payment platforms like vclub that you can use to accept payment online. Some of the best and trusted ones are: - freelancers’ services from $10


For nearly 20 years, PayPal has been active in the market. It is also quite popular among people looking to accept payment online easily. PayPal use QR codes for contactless transactions. Customers will submit their payment information and read the QR code at a company using the camera on their phone.

A credit card reader that can read a customer’s microchip credit card will be provided by PayPal. It is known for being extremely secure. The company’s loss rate is the lowest of any payment system at less than 0.5%. It reserves funds for transactions that are being challenged while encrypting the data of the customer. Payments are accepted in any currency ns can be withdrawn by the owner at any time. It is also possible to sense invoice and receive notifications seamlessly.


The social component of sending money to friends and family is the main emphasis of the money transfer service Venmo. However, Venmo has become so popular that it can now be used to make purchases from businesses that have QR codes or Venmo credit cards. The cost per transaction is greater for merchant accounts than for private users. Friends using the app to transfer money to one another would pay 1% every transfer. Businesses, on the other hand, are required to pay 2.9% + $0.30 for each transaction. The fact that Venmo charges 3% to transfer money from a credit card is a drawback.

Google Pay

Google Pay generates a virtual token of the user’s payment information when they submit their card details. The virtual token may then be sent by the app to a point-of-sale (POS) terminal using NFC technology to complete a transaction. Payment information is kept private by tokenizing the card details. No internet or strong cellular connection is necessary for Google Pay, but a POS terminal that can process contactless payments is a need.

Since all communication is done between the machines, the salesperson doesn’t need any further training. A company does not pay anything to accept Google Pay. The transaction is seen as being the same as using a card via vclub login when it is used at a store. Customers are not charged for using debit cards or for making bank transfers. However, the processing fee for credit cards is 2.9%. The requirement for an Android smartphone with Google Pay installed is one drawback of Google Pay, hence it is advisable to have some other payment methods.


Similar to PayPal, Square provides all-in-one POS payment services. There are a number of software options from Square, each with a different set of features. One free magstripe reader for processing credit cards like Visa or Mastercard is included in the base plan, along with access to the software.

For payments made with a magstripe, chip, or contactless card, you will incur a transaction fee of 2.6% + $0.10. Additionally, there are other programs available for companies like restaurants or merchants who sell specific gear.

Depending on the Square plan you select, it might significantly simplify your organization. It can not only manage all of your payment processing, but it can also assist you with inventory management, loan applications, and client marketing. Square is one of the most expensive payment processing platform which is its major  drawbacks to utilizing it.

Final thoughts

Many online payment processing platforms are free. Some have paid features that can be maximized. So, if all depends on what a business owners wants. Before choosing any online payment platform ensure it meets your needs.

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