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Choosing a Necklace for Classic Floral Dresses

pandora jewelery

Necklace can be a great addition to any vintage or modern floral print dress. Jewelry can add a fun element to an otherwise classic outfit and can elevate the entire look. It’s definitely a unique way to incorporate color into the floral print dress.

Choosing the right necklace for the print

Always choose an ornate design on the front and simple-yet-elegant design on the back. Make sure you go with a simple silver design on the front for that extra special vintage look, and for a more modern twist, try a chunky, studded design on the front.

Statement Jewelry for Floral Dresses

Chunky Jewelry

The choice of statement jewelry like Pandora jewelry to wear with floral dresses can range from the bold statement necklace to the subtle statement rings. You might feel like trying something unusual with a chunky statement necklace but remember that some floral prints can be downright tacky and give you unwanted body connotations. You will find it easier to find pieces with a more feminine look.

Floral Jewelry Sets

Floral statement pieces can be found in a number of unique jewelry sets. Chunky necklace, earrings and bracelets in a variety of styles are available at different price points and come in every color of the rainbow. This is one way to show off your most distinctive personality.

Floral Earrings

A big trend for Spring is bold floral earrings that will set your look apart from the crowd. Look for large sets of big flowers made with satin, netting or sequins. These big statement earrings can add some punch to a subtle outfit. A pair of pearl studs would look pretty and feminine while giving an equally summery vibe. Find out interesting and actions movies at moviesflix pro and entertain yourself.

Floral Belts

Another big trend is floral belts. These unique floral belt details are really pretty to wear with a floral print dress. A colorful strap adds visual interest, while staying classy and feminine. Just be sure to watch out for color bleeding if you’re not careful.

Floral Embroidery

Embroidery is another great way to play up the floral trend. Embroidery adds a playful element that is sure to be a big hit with the spring style crowd.

Accessorizing with Bracelets

Floral prints make a great starting point for summer jewelry because they are such a classic look and you can mix and match them with many of your favorite jewelry pieces. Earrings and cuff bracelets are great starting points for you to customize the look.

To nail a pair of earrings with a floral print look, match with a stud with a larger stone. You can also use a statement necklace with an accent cuff, a wide dangle or even an Indian gold bangle. A statement necklace will be another great finishing piece for the look. Vist moviesflix for new movies information.

Sleeveless Floral Dress

Here’s a sleeveless floral printed dress with 3.5″ wide pockets. A flowy print dress is an easy way to dress up a less structured outfit.

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