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How to keep pests out of your steel building


A clean steel building is always nice, and you doubtlessly want to avoid pests. One of the major reasons people build their metal garages is to provide storage space for their equipment, tools, and other essential items. However, these buildings are susceptible to rats, mice, and other insects. Once pests have access to your building, they will destroy your belongings, possibly spread diseases, and reduce the lifespan of your metal shed.

Luckily, metal sheds are easier to pest-proof compared to wooded buildings. Here are things you can do to ensure that pests don’t make metal garages their habitat.

Seal Your Building’s Foundation

Since a building’s foundation is close to the ground where rats and mice scamper, this area is more vulnerable to rodent infiltration. One way to prevent this from happening is by sealing the sides and foundation of the steel building. Note that installing your metal shed just over the soil is dangerous. There will be gaps where rats and mice can still access your building.

Therefore, a wise move will be to install a concrete foundation slab to help the foundation tightly. Another alternative would be installing a concrete wall made of concrete. This will prevent rats and mice from burrowing under the foundations to access the sheds. The good news is that these curtain walls can be installed even in existing metal buildings.

Fill any Gaps or Cracks in the Building

When your building’s foundation is tightly sealed, pests will find alternative ways to gain entry to your garage. Therefore, these uninvited guests will try to gain access through cracks and gaps in the window or door. To ensure that these cracks are sealed properly, consider foam weather-stripping.

Bear in mind that mice can chew through and pass under damaged weather-stripping to get into your shed. It would help to replace the foam weather-stripping at least once a year to prevent this from happening.

This then begs the question, what are the signs of a cracked wall. You’ll need to be keen to see any sign of light in the wall openings. This way, you can easily seal the gaps and keep the building pest-free. Always ensure to inspect your shed for gaps.

Use Pest Deterrents

Examples of pest deterrents you can use to keep away rats and mice include strongly scented oils such as cedar and peppermint. These are the best options if you oppose using harsh chemicals on pests and insects in metal buildings. You can easily apply the essential oils around the metal shed or near fencing equipment. Other forms of deterrents you can go for utilize light and sound. You, however, need to know they are not effective in deterring large insects and pests.

It would help to know that predator urine products do not effectively get rid of rats. However, if you have used other methods to deter the pests that are not working, you can opt for this, which will send the rodents scurrying away.

Eliminate All Food Sources

It’s worth noting that all undesirable pests require food and water to survive. This said, if they smell food in your shed, they will move in to survive. To keep the pests from being attracted to your shed, it would be best to ensure that you eliminate all food sources such as the trash. Besides removing trash from your metal building, ensure to take the necessary measures to keep your shed clean. You, therefore, should vacuum your storage space regularly.

Besides human food is the leading cause of pest infestations, other pests can also attract other types of pests. A good example is when there is a cricket infestation in your metal shed, they will attract more serious visitors such as spiders and scorpions. These pests use crickets as their food source. Also, you will risk having snakes in your metal garage if there is a mice infestation. Evidently, any pest infestation invites a more serious pest that is dangerous to you.

Consider Using Traps or Baits

These are undeniably ideal options compared to poisonous baits. What’s more, you have two options to go for either traps or baits to help you move the pests. If you decide to use bait traps, ensure to relocate the rats and mice away from your shed. This way, you’ll prevent them from coming to damage your property.

One of the riskiest pest control options that should be last on your list is using poison. Understand that when the pests take the poison, they might die close to your home and have your pets eat them. A good option is glue traps which when rats on mice step on them, they instantly get stuck.

If you decide not to involve experts in pest control, consider inspecting your metal buildings at least once every month. Signs of pest infestations to watch out for include droppings which are easy to spot, physical damage, and evidence of nesting. Even when pest prevention is the way to go, ensure to call for pest control services if the situation is dire.

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