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Shopify Marketing Strategy To Boost Your eCommerce Sales

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You have started your eCommerce business with the Shopify Platform. And has integrated all the features required as per your specifications. But, what about sales? Are you sure customers will buy from your online store? To get an answer to this, first, you need to put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Secondly, implement the Shopify marketing strategies to make your services and products visible and increase ROI. Considering choosing to get assistance from the Shopify development company could also be a game changer for your business. The experts will tailor the methods to get your Shopify store the sales required desperately. Other than that, we are bringing to you the tips or the result-oriented marketing plan to improve the revenue of the Shopify store. 

How to improve sales of your Shopify store: 6 ideas

Leverage Abandon Carts for Sales

To get your customers back to your store to purchase, organize the abandoned cart recovery campaigns. These will be those who have put the products in the cart but have not completed the buying process. So, there are chances that with campaigns, they can ensure sales. Indeed, it is inexpensive to obtain sales from existing customers rather than to acquire new ones.

You can use email and SMS marketing and send reminders inspiring to revisit and finish buying.  What you can do is that you can give them discounts and some offers. Those who have approached the checkout page cannot refuse the amazing deals.  In addition to SMS and email marketing, push notifications can also be used for notifying. The purpose of which is to save time and guarantee to get traffic back to your Shopify store. 

Get Organic Traffic With SEO

SEO does not let you pay and spend more to get traffic if done correctly. The first thing to consider here is to make your eCommerce site SEO-friendly to leverage the advantages. 

The Shopify platform has all the functionalities for building SEO-friendly web pages and delivering the revamped meta fields such as URL slug, descriptions, and titles. Indeed, these are not the only reason to use Shopify. However, there are many others that make choosing Shopify Development for eCommerce and online stores essential and profitable. 

Coming back to the point, it generates canonical URLs, 301 redirects, and sitemaps. From this, there comes a surety that service pages, home pages, or other collection pages are indexed and can be searched on leading search engines.

Precisely, some strong Shopify applications are also there to take up the slack, resolve the issues and give recommendations on updates. What’s more? An effective content marketing strategy can also be used for making blogs and targeting the focused keywords of your niche.

Display your Products on Pinterest

Of all, Pinterest is the most influential social media platform to use for marketing purposes. The reason is that its users have higher purchasing intent. Comparatively, several moves to Pinterest to search for products and to get ideas.

When the account of Pinterest is used appropriately, then the users can be sent directly to the checkout web page. Include the attractive product pictures on Pinterest and leverage them to get traffic to the online store. Also, the product tags can be added to pins, consequently, the visitor will click on the image and move to the checkout page. It is one of the best methods to gain traffic and ensure their purchase in every browsing session.

Furthermore, the URL of the online store can be added to the Pinterest profile, give appealing captions to products and make several product boards that attract customers. 

 Add Product Reviews

The customer feedback or reviews are User-generated content (UGC) subset. It is the intent of every shopper that they trust the reviews of the existing customer before buying.  From there, they make an idea on whether they have to purchase or not. 

The statistics confirmed that 61% of the audience prefers to check out the ratings and reviews of the essential attributes of their online shopping experience. To get benefits, ask the existing customers to give feedback and include them all in the product pages. 

Particularly, the positive feedback can be fragmented and can be used as testimonials on the eCommerce website. Get help from the amazing applications that assist you in asking for ratings and reviews and show them on the online store for significant impact.

Paid Ads on Social Media and Google

Depending only on the free site traffic cannot assure you regular traffic and sales.  Fortunately, excellent paid advertising campaigns are there with which you can gain customers and confirm higher ROI. This Shopify marketing strategy is used by eCommerce sites because it gives more visibility to your product.  

Facebook and Google are the soundest platforms to run advertising campaigns. Here, you can spend $5 per day on the ads and get sales with this practice. Therefore, to generate regular traffic, investing in advertisements is a win-win. Below are the tried and tested strategies that could be used for eCommerce sales:

  • Google retargeting ads

With this, you can have an idea of those who have visited the Shopify store and got interested in the brand.

  • Google shopping ads 

From here, you can have an idea of those who have completed the online research.

  • Facebook ads 

It is applicable for impulsive purchases. These will work best for those products that have less value. 

Note: Yes, the paid ads of Shopify deliver prompt outcomes but charge. If you do not have an idea about managing or using the ads correctly then, the chances that you can spend extra are more. Getting help from an agency for Shopify development services is recommended. Use your money properly and get the desired revenue from the ads.

Speed up the Shopify store loading time

The shoppers do not like to wait for the web page to load. Simply they will abandon and move to the online store that loads quickly.  They expect the website to load in two seconds and on the other hand, on mobile, they prefer it to get a load in not more than four seconds.

Considerably, with a delay of even one second, there will be a loss of 7% in conversions. We simply here mean to keep the speed of your website pages higher.  Do not consider a speed as dimension only, however, with an increase in mobile phone usage, you cannot overlook it. Google also gives a good ranking to those sites that are responsive or have mobile-version.

The leading eCommerce sites using Shopify in Singapore have proper landing pages that imply more conversions and sales. To know about mobile and site responsiveness, simply connect the URL to the portal of Google’s PageSpeed Insights.  From there, you can find out how promptly the web page loads on the desktop, mobile, and Core Web Vital Scores.  However, recommendations also are given on enhancing the stats. 

Concluding Remarks

Now you have the list of how marketing tricks ensure your Shopify store success. Implement them and get ready to experience the outcome:

  • The result-centric Shopify marketing plan is the helping hand in promoting and marketing the services to engage customers or make the existing ones loyal to you.
  • The Shopify marketing strategies imply you know where and how to reach the goals and execute them. 
  • It will improve the business visibility and give a boost to sales.
  • Shopify’s marketing tactics let you have a measurable aim to track and measure. 

What strategies are you using for marketing your Shopify store? Have we missed any? Let us know!


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