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Tips for Growing Onions to Make the Abundant Harvest

tips for growing onions

In this pandemic era, so many people are looking for the tips for growing onions. Gardening is a positive activity to fill your time during the spare time. The good thing is that it can be done straightly from your home.

Planting some kinds of vegetables such as garlic is a smart way to erase the bored feeling. If you did it in a huge scale, the profit can be gotten. It is because the products can be sold in the market.

That is also profitable for a small scale at gardening done at home. It is able to save your money more. However, planting this veggie is not easy. You may be failed by the wrong techniques or any mistakes.

That is why; it is better to know about the right tips for growing onions recommended by the professionals. What are those tricks? Here is the further information to know.

Prepare the Shallots

Before planting this product, you must prepare the plant first. It is possible to use any types of it, but make sure that they are still in a good condition. It is so important.

To have a good result, try to prepare the good and dry ones. After that, peel them and then clean them properly. That is not the end, because there is still another step to do.

The third tips for growing onions are by cut them into several slices. Cut each of them into two different parts. You should know that it is one of the most important steps.

Cutting them into two parts will ensure that the sprout can grow well. Make sure for not passing this trick if you want to have a good result and abundant harvest product.

Tips for Growing Onions: Take the Plastic Glass

The third step is preparing the plastic glass. That is a simple material that can be found aroynd you. If it isn’t, the plastic glasses can be bought from the stores or market.

Before applying that glass, don’t forget to make some small holes at the bottom part. The function is for throwing the water so that the soil has the right humidity.

The next tip is preparing the planting media. It is called the cocopeat which is the hairy part of a coconut. Usually, this media is easy to find in several farm shops.

After that, make sure to place that cocopeat into the glass. The amount is ¾ of the plastic glass that you use. It is one of the most important tips for growing onions.

Done with that, please moisten that planting media. You can use the water, but make sure to place the right amount of water. That is an important key as well.

Plant the Shallots

The whole steps above are not finished yet. If the glass and the media is ready, now it is the right time to plant the shallots . How to do it properly? First of all, take the shallots which have been sliced into two different parts.

After that, put them in the middle of the plastic glass with the cocopeat inside. The point of these tips for growing onions are to ensure that the truncated part must be in the upper side. Then, push it slowly to the deeper direction

The Watering Process and Step

Just like the other plants, you must watering them as well. After putting the shallots in, flush the cocopeat using a little water. But don’t get hit by the shallots.

That planting media is easy to dry so it needs to be kept moist every day. Also avoid rainwater. That is why; you may need to make a kind of rooftop to protect the plants.

The next tips for growing onions are move the plants to a bigger place. After the shallots grow their sprout and leaves, it is better to move them to a bigger place or pots.

The example is the polybag if you don’t have the right media. The aim is to make the shallots are growing bigger and having more sprouts as well.

Keeps the Onions Properly

Besides knowing the tips for growing onions, it is better to understand the right method to storage them as well. In this case there are some tricks that you must do.

This topic is important to avoid the shallots from the rotten. Below are the recommended tips for those who want to keep the shallots properly.

  1. Make sure to maintain its humidity

Moisture is one of the factors that cause onions to rot quickly and sprout. To prevent this, store the skinned onions in an open container. There is a recommendation for the container.

It is better to use the things which have the characteristic like the nets. In addition, place the products in a cool, dry place, and avoid direct sunlight exposure. This way the shallots can last for 10 – 14 days.

  1. Use the different container

Most of the people still think that it is okay to store that fruit and garlic at the same container. In fact, that is actually a mistake that must be avoided. What is the reason?

In fact, these plants produce the different gasses which can make the decay process is faster. Occasionally try drying onions in the open. The goal is to reduce the moisture content that occurs during storage.

  1. Do not store skinned products in the refrigerator

After knowing the tips for growing onions, you have to know the right way to store them in a fridge. It is not recommended to place the skinned shallots in a refrigerator.

If you want to do that, peel the products first. Remove the base of the shallot, and place it in an airtight container. This also shortens the cooking preparation time.

Furthermore, it could extend its freshness for 12 – 20 days. Due to the container or sack, you can use the Leno Mesh Bag. It is a special sacks for keeping the fruits and veggies.

Visit the Leno Mesh Bag Manufacturer website to know more about the containers. That will support the tips for growing onions is more successful.

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