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3+ Best TikTok Analytics Metrics To Measure Your ROI

Are you new to TikTok marketing? Or do you even know how to measure your TikTok marketing using metrics? If not, then TikTok analytics helps make guesswork for your TikTok marketing method. Insights on the TikTok business accounts offer you strategies like when to post and what to post. Above all, if you are trying to expand your followers’ on your TikTok profile, then start to buy tiktok followers that help in increasing your profile popularity. This article will show you how TikTok analytics metrics measure your ROI.


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Quirky Intro About TikTok

TikTok works as a viral social media platform, where it estimates around billion active users until February 2021. Also, the app’s popularity grabs a younger audience base. Indeed, every brand started to enter the app to engage the potential market on TikTok. The majority of TikTok’s user demographics are from the US, where they are teens and young adults between 18 and 30. Above all, these audience groups are active and engaged in this digital platform–TikTok!

3+ Best TikTok Analytics Metrics To Measure Your ROI

Today, same as other social media platforms, there are different performance metrics on TikTok. Meanwhile, all these TikTok analytics help measure your ROI. Thus, you can start to test and trial your TikTok analytic metrics by handling your TikTok marketing.

1. Total Number Of Videos Published

The total number of videos posted is an efficient metric that estimates how many videos a TikTok account has posted during a specific time. Also, the total number of videos posted looks simple, yet it seems to be a significant metric when looking at the platform. For instance, while considering the aspect to measure engaging TikTok, the profile user finds it informative. Thus, the number of TikToks you post will connect with the growth and impacts of your account.


You can switch your timeframe and view the percent that shows your account’s activity on the app during this time. A higher rate refers to the account’s activity is expanding, which is the best metric for TikTok content creators to try for their social media profiles. When checking out your influencer or partner accounts, the total number of videos posted is the best vital metric. If you are planning with the budget for your TikTok content, it helps influencers associate and grabs the audience’s attention.


Pro Tip: Do you plan to excel in your TikTok marketing performance? If so, try to measure the right metrics. Next, start to focus on expanding your TikTok visibility by Trollishly, which enhances your video traffic.

2. Total Follower Evolution

Total follower evolution is the vital TikTok analytic metric that measures the number of followers gained within 30 days. It is a crucial metric to measure while collaborating with TikTok influencers, where you can see if they are growing their TikTok accounts. Also, this TikTok analytics metric helps when you can partner with content creators by offering the best ROI in the future.


The follower evolution percentage also indicates how much your follower growth has improved, suggesting a percentage. In general, you need this analytic metric to stay above 0% because your followers are growing over time. Therefore, the higher the TikTok total follower evolution percent, the faster your growth within a 30-day growth period.

3. Hashtag Growth

Hashtag growth is an ideal method to measure any branded hashtags you make for a campaign. For instance, you may connect with different influencers for your branded hashtag challenge. If your TikTok hashtag challenges go trending and get massive participation from other TikTok users, that’s a perfect hint on the performance of your hashtag challenge and overall campaigns success.

Above all, you can start to use tools to measure your complete stats about every hashtag, including average views, comments, shares, likes, and the profile engagement rate for target hashtags. The best pro tip is to participate in the branded hashtag challenge where you can reach massive followers. Again, if you wish to get a higher engagement rate for your TikTok profile, then begin to use hashtag growth metrics, which elevate your video views and likes.

Meanwhile, you can use the hashtag growth metric to check the top-performing TikTok hashtags on the platform. Also, use the best strategy to create efficient content to develop and trends to follow. For example, suppose you connect with TikTok influencers who associate with recurring hashtags, then it may be worth expanding your follower’s growth.

4. Tag Usage

Tag usage is an efficient analytic metric while finding relevant hashtags and the need to see their performance on the app. For instance, for your page is a popular TikTok hashtag yet pertinent and even more familiar than the foryou hashtag. This tag usage metric is specifically helpful in finding TikTok trends, where you can influence these for trending. Meanwhile, you can work with TikTok influencers using the app’s popular hashtags to get your sponsored content using the tag’s context.

Fun Fact: For a hashtag method, consider using a combo of both broad and niche tags. Now, TikTok’s available tags can add things like comedy, or skits, while niche tags are more particular, like Starbucks challenge. Further, if you are trying to go trending on TikTok, try to check your hashtag challenge with that try to use Trollishly, which drives vast traffic results.

Final Takeaways

In a nutshell, TikTok serves as an ideal social media platform where it has got the potential to go trending. Also, TikTok as a marketing platform skyrockets your brand’s reach and engagement. Therefore, associating your brand’s TikTok method with the right influencers, monitoring the right metrics, and using these metrics can boost your campaign’s performance. Indeed these TikTok campaigns analytics help generate higher ROI by beating your competition.

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