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What is the Right Size for a Dining Table?


The dining space is one of the cosiest corners of any household. This is where the family spends not much time but their most loving times. This brings together all the household members at least once each day in most households. During festivities and any kind of celebration, it is here – where all the family members and guests huddle together in search of good food and share family gossip. To quench their thirst for such fun, none other than the dining space of a house can make room. 

A dining table is an essential piece of furniture in the dining space. It is where the cooks love to showcase sumptuous food and delicious drinks. These are expected to fascinate everyone. A dining table offers people comfort and relief while enjoying hearty meals. Therefore, before buying or renting a dining table, every household secretly hopes that its dining table will be such that it will eventually be the favourite spot during every family get-together.       

Nonetheless, a good dining table is not only pleasing aesthetics or just a spate of emotions. It has great utility as well. As the traditional layouts of kitchens are evolving, open kitchen space replaces the concept of separate cooking and dining areas. Eventually, dining tables become an even more important focal point for the house. 

But before we choose our favourite dining table, we must consider a few details. 

Such aspects include

  • the exact size of the dining space, 
  • the proper layout of the kitchen, 
  • the distance between the kitchen and the dining table, 
  • the accessibility of the space, 
  • the number of people expected to have lunch or dinner together etc.

After considering all these factors, when we decide on the size and shape of the dining table, the next thing that comes to our mind is what type or style of the table we will choose. Once again, it is not just aesthetics, price, and affordability; we need to think about maintenance and durability. 

The dining table is subjected to wear and tear because of its regular usage. It is a piece of furniture that all the family members will eventually use at least once a day, irrespective of their ages. Nowadays, even people are getting baby cradles on rent and are attaching them near the dining table. They no longer want anyone to attend to the babies while enjoying meals separately. Instead, they like the babies to be part of the family mealtime. Keeping all these changing attitudes in mind, we must acknowledge that a fancy dining table may look attractive. Still, we need to think about whether or not it will serve multiple purposes and be easy to maintain. 

Regarding the shape of the table, if the dining space is spacious, a circular dining table looks great. It can actually be the huddling place in the true sense. But as most of the apartments are having a space crunch, it is less likely that most of us can afford such a big piece of furniture. 

In that case, a rectangular dining table can just suffice the exact need. It leaves room to walk around the table. Suppose a family does not need so much accessibility or such elaborate seating arrangements regularly. In that case, we can just push the rectangular table on one side and make the best use of the three other sides of the table. In the future, when we will need more seating places, we can just pull the table away from the wall and make room for the extra chairs. Thus, more than the circular dining table, rectangular or small square-shaped dining tables allow us to utilize better space. A rough estimate given by the experts indicates that in ideal case scenarios, regarding the size of the table and the number of people it can accommodate. 


As people are frequently moving into different cities, renting a piece of furniture is becoming one of the popular options. In many cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and even comparatively smaller cities like Pune, Noida, or Ghaziabad, people are renting even simple pieces of furniture like dining tables. For example, people looking for “Dining table on rent in Ghaziabadcan quickly get it by paying just 500 per month. So, one can enjoy a hearty meal with his family or friends simply by paying a small token amount as rent for his favourite dining table. 


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