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What treadmill is the best? A complete guide

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You have undoubtedly studied a ton of forums, dozens of user reviews, and model comparisons to discover the answer to the straightforward question: Which treadmill should I buy? tries to provide you with all the information necessary to identify the treadmill that will best match your needs. On schedule!

Why purchase a treadmill?

All levels of athletes like using the treadmill! It is a very effective aerobic training tool and has several advantages.

Why do you run on a treadmill? simply to keep your joints safe! And certainly, running is an activity with consequences! If you run frequently, it is better to plan a few treadmill workouts indoors because they considerably lessen effects.

In the winter, why not utilize a walking pad for treadmill? You take care of your body in addition to not depending on the weather. Nothing will stop you from running, rain or shine!

For runners, the treadmill is perfect! Simply because you can accurately track your performance thanks to it! On carpets, you can perform Cooper tests (VO2 max) or even sprints with often high-top speeds.

Additionally, the carpets have certain differences or inclinations. As a result, you can change the slope, decline, and speed of your workouts!

Which treadmill should an overweight person choose?

The maximum user weight that the treadmill will support is specified by each fitness company. Considering this information is crucial to avoid having the treadmill wear out sooner than necessary.

Similar to other workout equipment, a strong and durable structure will bring you enjoyment and comfort during prolonged use. Therefore, your treadmill will be more durable and steady the heavier it is.

Also, be sure to match the engine’s power to the announced maximum user weight. Beyond 100Kg, it is strongly advised to use standing desk chair with at least 2CV to increase the longevity of your machinery. You will need a powerful engine more so as your weight increases.

How frequently do you wish to exercise?

Which treadmill should I pick for weekly use (up to 8 hours)?

Do you wish to work out frequently, even every day? Prioritize incline, cushioning, and speed! The motor’s power determines the treadmill’s top speed.

Select a fast treadmill to avoid being slowed down when working out. An average racing pace of 18 to 20 km/h offers promising results.

The slope of a treadmill, which is typically represented as a percentage, will enable you to change up your workout routines by replicating uphill courses.

By using it, you may work your muscles harder (such your thighs, calves, and buttocks) and burn more calories.

When you are a typical athlete, a 12% inclination on the vertical side is a decent place to start for effective muscle work.

Last but not least, choosing a treadmill with sufficient cushioning is crucial for your joints. Outdoor running is frequently limited by the shocks it might place on the joints.

Treadmills are designed with a cushioning technology that lessens joint damage specifically to get around this limitation.

Selecting a treadmill for extended use (20 hours or more per week)?

adapts to fractional, hiit, trail, and marathon running? Running surface and motor power (continuous and peak) are two factors that must be considered.

The best treadmills have a maximum motor power of up to 5 hp and can reach speeds of more than 20 km/h.

As a refresher, the peak power is equivalent to the highest point power that your treadmill is capable of producing. It provides a clue as to the device’s responsiveness during the acceleration phase.

Select a treadmill that enables you to change pace and incline with a single motion, rather than needing to access the console menu, to assist you with your split sessions.

To avoid being restricted in your strides, buy a treadmill with a broad running area for your comfort. Need a treadmill for work? Verify that the manufacturer’s warranty is in effect.

Which treadmill should I use (more than 20 hours per week) for semi-professional purposes?

Make sure to review the warranty on your treadmill. A treadmill for frequent or heavy use only carries a Home Fitness warranty.

Therefore, it is crucial to confirm that the mat can survive light use. What do we mean by “semi-pro use,” though? Well, the treadmill will be used by professionals. The belt won’t be turning all day, though.

It will only be used for a short period of time each day. Therefore, the semi-pro guarantee is appropriate for professionals such as physiotherapists, chiropodists, hotel and tourism managers, etc.

The ground surface

The running surface is a crucial component that will affect how comfortable your workouts are. The mat’s length and width increase in proportion to the user’s height.

Choose a treadmill with a big running area if you wish to train frequently. Therefore, when you take big strides, you won’t be disturbed.

The running area typically measures 40x140cm, however for versions with an XXL running surface, it can measure up to 50x150cm.


Outdoor running is frequently limited by the shocks it might place on the joints. Treadmills are designed with a dampening system that lessens joint damage specifically to get around this restriction.

So choose soft padding that will make you feel truly weightless for sporadic use with a view to fitness or rehabilitation.

Firmer cushioning will offer your stride additional bounce for more regular use.


The console, which can be more or less complicated, will let you directly manage your treadmill’s exercise routines.

All of these programmes will give you the fundamental data, such as length, mileage, or calories expended, but the more sophisticated ones will also assist you in precisely targeting particular muscle parts for full effort (speed/incline combo).

Enough to continue being inspired session after session in order to, among other things, reach your weight loss goals!

Why go with a smart treadmill?

The number of connected treadmills is growing. What does “connected treadmill” mean? These are mats that are console-connected.

Either Bluetooth or WIFI is used to connect the console (the most common being with Bluetooth connection). Numerous companies provide specialty applications.

As a result, you will be able to link your fitness device to your smartphone or tablet and download the application. Keep in mind that most of these apps demand a monthly subscription. not.

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