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Why my email not working in 2022

Email is an excellent instrument for personal as well as business communications. In terms of the most popular mail provider, Hotmail is often regarded as the most trustworthy email service in the world. Hotmail is an Microsoft service that lets users send and receive email in a secure environment.

Hotmail is an extremely popular email service, with many millions of subscribers. However, just like every other services for email, Hotmail has its share of technical problems, it is the most requested choice for users across the world. Many users have reported they’ve experienced “Hotmail Not working“or “Hotmail has stopped functioning,” preventing them from receiving emails. This can be a stressful situation however, by implementing a few easy solutions; you’ll be able to overcome the issue.

If you’re experiencing issues with your Hotmail account isn’t working, continue reading for tips on how to solve the issue. In this post we’ll cover the most basic steps to troubleshoot to aid you in getting Hotmail working for your computer.

What is Hotmail?

Microsoft’s “Hotmail” is a completely free electronic program for managing email (American Multinational company). It includes administrative features for messaging, scheduling, as well as tasks. It is also being referred to as Outlook. “Hotmail” is an Microsoft-related service that is able to complete a variety of tasks.

In the case of this “Hotmail does not work” issue, a lot of users have posted complaints on different online platforms, including Microsoft’s official forum site, Microsoft official forum website as well as other platforms that are popular and asked for solutions.

Causes: Why Your Hotmail Account Isn’t Working?

Outlook will be able to connect to your Hotmail account without issue. If you find that your Hotmail account isn’t functioning, the following reasons could be behind it.

  • Use a browser that isn’t compatible to connect to Hotmail.
  • If you’re using an older web browser Hotmail isn’t loading.
  • This device to connect to Hotmail doesn’t support Hotmail.
  • Your browser’s browser does not support Javascript.
  • Within your web browser, caches and cookies have been accumulating.
  • Outlook is blocking your Hotmail account.
  • It appears that your device has run low on storage space, specifically when you’re using Hotmail on an Android or iPhone
  • Antivirus, or any other third-party application interfering with Hotmail on the proper workflow of Outlook.
  • Someone has hacked Your Hotmail account.

Some of the Most Common Issues With Hotmail Not Working.

  • “Hotmail isn’t synced”
  • “I cannot log into my online account.”
  • “The account is not able to be recuperated.”
  • “Hotmail DNS won’t be working”
  • “My Microsoft Outlook Hotmail account isn’t working”
  • “Hotmail on the iPhone does not work”
  • “Today’s Hotmail sign-in issues”
  • “Hotmail doesn’t receive any email”
  • “Hotmail outlook is not accessible.”
  • “I’m not able to log into my Hotmail account”

How Do I Fix My Hotmail Isn’t Working Problem? Here’s a solution that works.

Follow the steps listed below to fix the Verizon email not working problem of Hotmail not working. Here are some of the most basics troubleshooting tips that can help you resolve the problem:

Verify to see the current status of the server

Most importantly first, you need to determine the status of your server. In the event that the server’s not functioning, it won’t allow you for sending or receiving emails. If, for instance, your Hotmail doesn’t work due to an “server down” problem, you’ll need to wait for a while prior to trying it again.

Troubleshoot the Web Browser

There’s a chance that Hotmail isn’t working due to old or damaged web browsers. It is necessary to troubleshoot your web browsers to solve the problem. Here are some easy steps to resolve browser-related issues:

  1. Remove all of the browsing histories.
  2. Clean out the cache and cookies in your personal computer.
  3. Start your web browser.

Examine your network settings

There is a possibility of Hotmail not working in the event that your device isn’t online. This is why it’s recommended to check your internet connectivity. If you want to send or receive emails the internet connection must be functioning properly. Restart your modem and computer when there is an issue with the connection. Take a couple of minutes before trying to send the email once more.

Are you finding that Hotmail no longer working? Take a look at the following reasons:

If you’ve tried all the above options but aren’t able to achieve Hotmail functioning, you should look through the following tips to solve the issue:

  • If you’ve installed an email filter for Hotmail then you’ll not be able to receive or send emails. To continue to send emails, you must remove the filter.
  • It could be that you’ve set forwarding of email to an email address that is different that prevents you from receiving or sending emails. To fix the issue remove forwarding of emails.
  • Verify whether any email addresses are blocked. This could be the reason behind the inability to receive emails. If you want to continue using the services remove your email account.


If you follow the steps above, you’ll be able to solve the issue that is causing Hotmail that isn’t working with your gadget. You can make use of the account you have created with your Hotmail account for sending and receiving email when the issue is fixed. If, however, you are still having issues having issues with Hotmail services, it is recommended to seek out professional assistance. The Hotmail customer support team is ready to help you find the right solution for your issue. Your problem will be solved by certified and qualified experts who work hard all day and night to make sure that Hotmail customers enjoy the most enjoyable experience when they mail.

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