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Your Guide to Cat Cleaning Wipes – What to Do and What Not to Do


Cats are typically not fond of water, making bathing them an absolute headache for owners. Water is not your beloved pet’s greatest friend, so you live in constant fear of things going wrong. Sometimes, your decision to bathe them might result in unwanted agony and distress for both of you. And worse! They will see it as a betrayal. In this situation, cat cleaning wipes can rescue and spare you the trouble of forcing your cat for a bath as they will become dirty in minutes, even after a lengthy, thorough shower. To make grooming and cleaning up easy for your four-legged friend, IVSPET offers premium quality cat cleaning wipes. - freelancers’ services from $10

IVSPET also offers wipes and care products for dogs. Just like cat cleaning wipes, they also provide puppy cleaning wipes

If you’re a pet parent confused about what wipes to use for your fur baby and what to avoid, keep reading.

What Not to Do While Looking for Cat Cleaning Wipes

Wipes for Dogs and Cats Are Different

Cat products are not harmful to dogs but are specially designed and formulated for cats. These wipes are exactly what they sound like and should be used that way too. Pet wipes are for pets; cat cleaning wipes are for cats, and wipes for dogs should be used only on dogs. The same thing applies to baby wipes. Cat owners should keep this in mind while purchasing wipes.

Human Antibacterial Wipes Are Not for Pets

Pet owners shouldn’t use baby or human antibacterial wipes on their pets. Human wipes are reported to increase the acidity of your pet’s skin by up to 200 times. It is not advisable for pet owners to clean their pet’s paws with hand sanitizers and human antibacterial wipes. Poisoning can result from skin contact with it. The FDA cautions dog owners that hand sanitizing products can make their pets sick if consumed. Only dog and cat antibacterial wipes should be used. 

Baby Wipes Are Not a Replacement for Cat Bath Wipes

The answer is no; baby wipes should not be used on cats. That is so your cat won’t be exposed to unpleasant or hazardous ingredients, even in the gentlest fragrance-free baby wipes. There are so many other safer ways to keep your cat clean. Even though baby wipes are made to be gentle on our delicate skin, cats’ genetic makeup gives them an exception to the general rule. You should be concerned about the possibility of ingestion as most baby wipes wouldn’t harm cats just by application. 

As a cat parent, you have to think that anything you put on its coat will wind up in their mouth, given how much time they spend grooming.  Therefore, the real question here isn’t just “Are baby wipes harmless for your cat’s skin?” but also “Are the ingredients in baby wipes safe to be consumed in little amounts?” If you want to be on the safer side, you should stick with pet wipes for cats or pets that are specifically made for pet bottoms and skin.

Aloe Vera Wipes – Are they Safe?

Aloe vera is added to pet wipes to smoothen your little friend’s fur. However, pet parents should be aware that there are special parts of the aloe plant that are safe for pets. Overall, the gel is considered edible by vets, and the green center part of the plant is safe. Still, the edges contain a part called “latex,” which is extremely toxic for animals and is reported to have caused vomiting, diarrhea, change in urine, and tremors in some cases. Highly reviewed and loved pet wipes contain aloe vera extract without this latex. Pet owners should ensure that the wipes they use are pet friendly. 


Before you decide to use artificial chemicals on your pet, such as those in cat cleaning wipes, consider doing thorough research on your own. Know that your pets are individual beings and have unique needs, ensure that you use products that are only meant for them, and avoid using human products on your furry friends. IVSPET has got your pet-essentials list fully covered with their wide range of pet care products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Wipes Can I Use On My Cat?

Cats are efficient at grooming, but even the best requires assistance at some points. Sometimes, they need help cleaning their body parts that can not reach themselves, for example, behind the ears. For that, there are ear cleaning wipes. More types like deodorizing wipes for removing odor and dental wipes are also available.

Can I Make Cat Cleaning Wipes at Home?

Yes, making pet wipes at home is possible, but it is not recommended. As pet parents, you should never compromise on your pet’s safety. As the quality of DIY pet wipes differs from that of a premium pet store, it is better to go for vet-recommended pet products.

Are Pet Wipes Toxic?

Pet wipes are formulated to be used on pets. As long they are used as directed, they are safe.

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