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10 painting terms you should know about

10 painting terms

Many of us prefer to be aware of the different aspects and ideologies regarding any venture that we embark upon. Painting is no different. Knowledge about this process of painting will help you in terms of a better understanding of how the process would work which will further assist in the planning stages.

Here are 10 important terms that you will encounter time and again if you are thinking of or painting your home.

  1. Primer – This is an aspect of painting that should not be neglected as using a primer is critical to a good painting job. This is the first coat of paint that is applied directly to the surface of the walls and it helps the paint to stick to the walls and also prevents the top coat from absorbing into the surface. Clean the walls well before using the primer.
  2. Sealer – Before using Indian house painting outside colors, using a sealer would prove to be beneficial. It is kind of like a specialized primer that can be used to recondition uneven surfaces on the walls. The top coat can then be evenly applied for the finished product to look uniform. Sealers are used on cracks and holes in the walls that have been filled in with putty.
  3. Topcoat – Once the walls are prepped and primed, the first coat (undercoat) of paint is applied. After it dries off, the top coat is used. This is the actual paint that is visible on the walls. The top coat needs to be applied twice for the look to be perfect and beautiful. You can get an Asian Paints estimate of the amount of paint and the cost for the top coat.
  4. Sheen – The paint sheen is the level of glossiness that is provided in the different styles of paint that can be used. It provides a certain level of luster and shine to the walls and can also play an important role in the overall durability of the paint.
  5. Alkyd paint – This is the new style of paint or oil-based paint that is now used to apply on walls. It is highly durable and was originally used only in the ‘wet’ areas like bathrooms or kitchens. Now, the use has been diversified to different areas of the house.
  6. Putty – Wall putty is a fine powder that is made up of white cement and is mixed with water and other additives that are then used to fill the cracks and hide other imperfections on the walls. It creates a good base for the paint and is important for a good-looking finished paint project.
  7. Waterproofing – Being aware of waterproofing and its advantages initially will save you a lot of cost and time. This is the process to ensure that your paint and other parts of the house will be resistant to any damage that can be caused due to water. Use waterproof paints for the interiors and exteriors of the house.
  8. Latex paint – These are water-based paints that are primarily used to paint the walls of the house. These paints dry quickly and do not smell. They are versatile in their range and can be available in matte to glossy finishes. These may not be entirely waterproof
  9. Stencils – Stencils and wall designs are the new things in wall painting ideas. These can be extensively used to add to the creativity of the home and enhance the overall look and ambiance. Choose from a variety of stencils.
  10. Paint calculator – This effective tool gives you an estimate of how much paint you would require, and the total cost to paint the area of your house/room. It helps to plan the budget

Expand your knowledge base even more as you become aware of many other terms associated with painting before starting the process.

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