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5 of the Fastest Growing Companies in Atlanta

There are a lot of fast-growing companies in the Atlanta area. 

This area is truly a hotbed for startups in all kinds of different industries. 

From tech companies, to financial companies, to companies in marketing and delivery—here are the top 5 fastest growing companies in Atlanta. 

There is so much talent on this list that it’ll blow your mind. 

Plus, this list is just barely scraping the surface of the tip of the iceberg. 

Atlanta really has a lot going on that’s worth taking a look at. 

Let’s dive into it and do exactly that.  

1. Now Corp

Among the few Atlanta factoring companies in the ‘big startup’ list, Now Corp is really a rising star. 

In 2010, they created a service called NowAccount because they were tired of waiting for their customers to pay late. 

But they soon grew this idea into a business that went on to serve many other businesses—and NowCorp was born!

Its mission is to enable businesses to grow fearlessly, and their vision is to:

“Create a world where diverse businesses of all sizes have access to capital, commerce, and customer opportunities.”

This is definitely a company to keep an eye on!

2. Stord

Stord is an Atlanta-based company in the delivery sector that says that its mission is to make your supply chain a competitive advantage. 

They’ve experienced 300% year-over-year growth, have raised a total of $205 million in funding, and employ over 500 brilliant team members. 

Their values include the following:

  • Bias toward action
  • Build for the long term
  • External optimism
  • Transparency and candor
  • Empower others
  • Learn and iterate

The company was founded by CEO Sean Henry, and CTO Jacob Boudreau. 

They also employ a leadership team composed of great minds who have worked for companies like Amazon, XPO, Ryder, Walmart, and more. 

3. GenSpark

GenSpark says that they are developing the next generation of tech careers by putting their decades of connections to work. 

They basically help you to prepare for a tech career while you’re getting paid the entire time, empower you to build on your current knowledge to develop the technical skills that employers are seeking, and also equip you with real-life experience that’ll help to open big doors for your career. 

They’re truly an innovative Atlanta-based company, and have a lot to offer! 

Here’s what they have to say about their process on the homepage of their website:

“We’ve been building strong partnerships with America’s best companies for more than 25 years. We know what’s needed and develop curricula that meet that need. We search for applicants who are a good fit for those great jobs, but need additional training, coaching and upskilling. Our connections deliver opportunities.”

4. Flock Safety

Flock Safety is a company devoted to helping reduce crime by up to 70% in targeted communities. 

They help to accomplish this with license-plate reading cameras that help to monitor homes, businesses, and neighborhoods. 

These cameras help to protect against property crime, violent crime, stolen vehicles, and more. 

They claim to have built the first public safety operating system that helps neighborhoods, businesses, and law enforcement in 1500+ cities work together to eliminate crime, protect privacy, and mitigate bias. 

All in all, their company is amazing! They’re definitely a top company in the Atlanta area to keep an eye on. 

5. FullStory

Here’s what FullStory says on their about page:

“We are question askers and problem solvers. FullStory is equipping organizations with the information needed to perfect digital experiences—so that it’s ultimately easier for everyone to get things done online.”

Their DXI platform provides a more complete picture so that companies can drive digital growth and transformation. 

They’re trusted by thousands of digital product teams, including names like:

  • GNC
  • Peloton
  • Blue Nile
  • Fortive
  • Segment
  • Forbes
  • JetBlue
  • And more

Their tools help retailers to identify pain points, resolve customer issues, and just overall improve digital performance. 

They’re most definitely a company to keep an eye on, in 2022 and beyond! 


There you have it. 

5 of the fastest-growing companies in the Atlanta area to date!

Of course, there are also many others. 

But these 5 really stood out to us as being awesome examples of what Atlanta’s business sector really has to offer. 

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