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7 Best Electric Dog Fences – Useful Guide

Electric Dog

Electric dog fences are a good choice if you want a more affordable way to keep your dogs contained. They’re also easier to maintain than traditional physical fences.

However, they don’t come without a few drawbacks. First, you have to train your dog how to use them properly.

1. Petsafe Basic In-Ground Fence

The Petsafe Basic In-Ground Fence is a great product for allowing your dog or cat freedom to roam your yard. The fence comes with 500 feet of wire that will cover up to a 1/3 acre of land. It is also expandable to a 5 acres with additional wire (not included).

This wireless dog fence system has 4 levels of static correction, tone-only mode and an automatic safety shut-off feature. It also features run-through prevention, which increases correction if your dog attempts to run through the boundary zone.

2. Petsafe Stay + Play Fence

The Petsafe Stay + Play Fence is a wire free fence that helps to keep your pet safe and secure so they can enjoy playing or napping in their yard. This wireless fence system is easy to install and can be set up in as little as 1-2 hours!

The Stay + Play Fence uses a wireless transmitter to create a circular boundary zone that measures 22-105 feet in all directions. You can adjust the boundary zone with a turn of the dial to fit your pet’s needs.

3. Petsafe Fence for Stubborn Dogs

The Petsafe Fence for Stubborn Dogs is a wireless dog containment system that’s designed to be effective in containing large and stubborn dogs. It’s the ideal solution for dogs that are incredibly hard to train or simply stubborn and stoic.

It uses four levels of harmless stimulation to teach your dog that no go zones are not to be crossed. It also emits an audible warning tone and vibrational correction signal.

4. Petsafe Stay + Play Fence with Rechargeable Collar

The Petsafe Stay + Play Fence with Rechargeable Collar is one of the most effective and reliable electric dog fences on the It features 5 levels of static correction and a tone-only mode, and it’s waterproof.

It’s also easy to use and install, with no need to dig up holes in your yard. It uses data from GPS, GLONASS and Galileo satellites to track your dog and keep them within your boundaries.

It includes a transmitter, battery-powered receiver collar and training flags to help define your pet’s boundary zone. The system is fully compatible with an unlimited number of dogs, and it can be easily extended to a larger area.

5. Petsafe Fence for Stubborn Dogs with Rechargeable Collars

If you have a very stubborn dog that is difficult to train or has a high tolerance for corrections, the Petsafe Fence for Stubborn Dogs is a great option. This system features strong static shock levels which are ideal for dogs that have a high tolerance to pain or breeds that are notoriously stubborn.

The system includes a wireless transmitter that is plugged into mains power and runs around the perimeter of your property using a coated boundary wire. The receiver collar picks up the signal and beeps when your dog approaches the wire and a safe static electric pulse/correction is delivered if they continue to test the boundaries.

6. Petsafe Fence for Stubborn Dogs with Rechargeable Collars

This wireless fence system allows you to create a circular boundary around your yard without having to bury wires. Setup only takes a few hours and you can take it with you when you travel.

It has a rechargeable receiver collar and a waterproof design, making it safe for dogs that weigh 5 pounds and up. It also features 5 levels of static correction plus a tone-only mode for training.

The collar quickly charges in only 2-3 hours and can last up to 3 weeks with frequent use. It also has LED indicators to show when the battery is low.

7. Petsafe Fence for Stubborn Dogs with Rechargeable Collars

If you have a stubborn, hard-to-train dog, the Petsafe Fence for Stubborn Dogs with Rechargeable Collars is an excellent option. It comes with five static correction levels and a tone-only training mode.

It also has an anti-linger feature that prevents your dog from flirting with the boundary line when the fence is activated.

The Petsafe Stay & Play wireless fence is great for a yard that is up to 3/4-acre. It’s easy to set up and doesn’t require burying wire.

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