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Be on the Alert for these Scams When Buying Rent to Own Homes

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There can be several reasons why your dream of buying a house, especially rent to own homes, can’t be fulfilled. These reasons can include not knowing the proper buying procedure, being unable to arrange the right amount, and, most importantly, the scams that buyers might face.

How to Detect Rent to Own Homes Scams?

You must be surprised that this article starts with the ways to detect property scams. House-buyers have to see the signs to know if they have been scammed and can save themselves. Below are the ways you can see if you are caught in a property scam.

  1.   Many buyers revert from purchasing a house with an extremely high price. On other occasions, the cost is lower than other properties, attracting buyers. It has to be understood that both these situations are a part of the scams. People should check the rate of other properties in the area.
  2.   Some agents, as potential buyers, fill out and then sign a form before showing them houses. They can then use this form to force buyers to purchase the property.
  3.   If a real estate agent or company is not answering your texts and phone calls, this might mean that the company or real estate agent is a fraud. This situation generally occurs when buyers have submitted the down payment.
  4.   Another vital sign that you might be experiencing a scam is asking for the house pictures, but the agent or agency fails to arrange them. Potential buyers should never give their data to these agencies and agents.

Scams Rent to Buy Homes Buyers can Face

After informing the buyers of the warning signs, they should be warned of the scams they might face. It is the responsibility of the buyers to beware of the scams because the scammers will stop at nothing to commit fraud. The property scams the buyers should avoid are mentioned below.

Foreigners are Given Investment Opportunities

Many fraudulent companies entrap foreigners into investing in properties that don’t exist. These organizations have a robust and convincing power that disables the individuals living abroad investing in a house without providing proof of the property’s existence.

Conducting Fake Workshops and Seminars

Many bogus real estate agencies and imposter agents conduct fake seminars and workshops to trap innocent buyers. Every attendee has to pay a mandatory entry fee, and a form is filled out as mentioned previously.

Real Estate Agent or Agency Associated with Criminal Activities

Many individuals are hurrying to stop renting today and want to own a house. So, in this act of hastiness, buyers share their personal information with agencies and agents, not knowing that they might be associated with criminal activities.

Constructing Imposturous Websites

A genuine real estate agency website like Stop Renting Albany has a physical address mentioned, and the office is present at the location. But a fraud website will not have a small lock icon at the start of the address bar. This indicates that the website is not secure or used for scams.

Property Belongs to Someone Else

The con artists have a talent that enables them to show properties to potential buyers that belong to someone else. They can forge documents like sale deeds and use them to sell the house.

How to Avoid Getting Caught in these Scams?

There are specific ways by which potential can avoid getting caught in property scams mentioned in the points above.

  1.   Buyers should research the property scams they might face. They can also consult lawyers to know all legalities.
  2.   Avoid making deposits before you have the legal contract.
  3.   Investigate the authenticity of the house by finding the genuine owner.
  4.   Never pay an amount except the real estate agent’s fee.
  5.   Buyers should take their time to decide which rent to own homes will suit them and then make the final decision.
  6.   Knowing the price of properties on the market will help buyers determine the right amount needed for a house.

Buyers must be alert to these scams and follow the ways to avoid them.

Here are three questions to further enhance the concept of property scams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a buyer be a scammer?

It is significantly less likely, but yes buyers can also be scammers. They can forge documents and gain possession of the rent to own homes. Or they could have control of the house and deny it to claim the insurance money. But ultimately, they get caught as a result of loopholes in their plan.

What information does a scammer need?

The scammer will need three basic personal information for fraud. These include your name, postal address, and date of birth.

How are scams done?

Scammers start with simple phone calls, text messages, robocalls, and finally, meeting potential targets in person.

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