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Cheap wedding invitations: how to reduce costs

Cheap wedding invitations

The wedding budget is made to be exceeded! Difficult indeed to stick to its initial forecasts. However, there are tips to reduce certain costs, especially those related to the announcements of your ceremony. You do not have an unlimited budget and in order to receive all of your loved ones you will therefore have to pay attention to the various expenses of your big day.

This is why you are committed to creating a wedding decoration that is both aesthetic and economical. You would also like to avoid spending too much when it comes to making your wedding invitations and you are looking for tips on this subject. While it’s true that wedding cards can quickly stretch your budget, it’s also entirely possible to find designs at affordable prices without sacrificing aesthetics.

Professional announcements

If you choose to hire a company to make your announcements, choose the most classic options available to you. The more material, accessories, and ornaments you add, the more the prices will increase. Opt for the classic printed announcement with a personalized message for your loved ones. The format does not have too much influence on the price. Simply consult as many wedding invite templates as possible to find the one that suits you the most.

Avoid the most complex options for your wedding invitations such as the pocket fold, the realization of which will require your service provider to invest more time and material. Do not multiply the informative boxes (reply coupon, detailed plan, accommodation information, a program of the day, etc.).

These different impressions actually lead to additional costs to be multiplied by the number of guests! Entrust your service provider with a simple wedding announcement text containing the most essential information and do not hesitate to create a blog where you will provide your loved ones with more detailed information.

DIY announcements

If you opt for the option of the wedding invitation to do it yourself, you will of course avoid the costs associated with working with a professional company. In addition, by choosing the right materials and the right techniques, you can make valuable savings. Thanks to a computer and a printer, you can create your own personalized announcements without leaving your home. Using a classic word processor, write your invitation then choose your printing paper, for example, Canson.

You can also write your invitations by hand if you have enough free time. You avoid having to invest in sometimes expensive ink cartridges. You certainly already have a large number of pens and markers at home that will allow you to let your creativity speak.

Running out of DIY wedding invitation ideas? Focus in particular on the shape of your invitations. A scissor cut will not affect your budget! Have fun, for example, by cutting your cardboard boxes in the shape of ice cream sticks, triangles like a pennant for a country or guinguette floral wedding invitations, or even hearts for the most romantic. To decorate your envelopes in no time and without breaking the bank, use the eraser of your pencil as a stamp and apply small colored dots where you want them.

Costs for sending your invitations

The cost of the announcements does not only relate to their manufacture. It is also necessary to take into account the price linked to sending them by post. To avoid significant costs, hand-deliver your boxes to as many people as possible. This will allow you at the same time to share a nice moment with your loved ones. If your budget is particularly limited, why not fall back on the option of electronic invitations? An announcement sent by email will not cost you a penny!

Just because you’re on a tight budget for your reception doesn’t mean it’s not possible to set up an original wedding. Do not hesitate to consult our different sections to obtain more advice for a reception at a lower cost. As for your aesthetics, also limit expenses thanks to a  wedding makeup service at attractive prices.

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