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Save Money On Christmas Gifts with These 5 Hacks

Save money

Christmas is a time to spend time with family, share light moments, meals and exchange gifts. In these Covid-19 times, revenue streams have dwindled due to failing businesses and job losses. But one thing stands, Christmas is not a holiday without the gifting culture. Not to children who don’t care if there is a pandemic or not. Read About Pokemon Unite.

So how can you uphold the gifting culture with the little funds available? We have compiled a list of five hacks that will enable you to gift your loved ones and still save some pennies for future needs.

Hacks to help you save money on Christmas gifts

Your bank account will thank you if you use the following hacks to spend less on Christmas gifts:

Make a budget and stick to it

Most people overspend during Christmas because they don’t budget for the gifts they wish to buy. Seeing flashy gifts online, on the display window of a departmental store, or a TV commercial can trick you into buying out of impulse. If you want to save money for January and the new year, you need to outplay the impulse buying culture by creating a budget and sticking to it.

Jump on coupon and promo codes

Online retailers and some gift shops partner with websites, influencers and celebrities to give customers holiday discounts through coupon codes. These promo codes may be real-time or running for a specific time, from 20th November to Boxing Day. Save some dollars by taking advantage of these codes. partners with Online Stores to give you amazing discounts on gifts such as flowers, jewelry, accessories, electronics, art pieces and clothes. Check out their current offers on gifts here.

Use gift cards

Gift cards are a perfect way of showing some love on Christmas. You can buy discount gift cards from sites such as,, Gift Card Granny and Cardpool. Although a gift card is seen as a lazy gift or not putting enough effort into gifting, it is a great option when operating on a tight budget. Furthermore, it’s the thought to gift that counts, not how much you spend on a gift.

Make DIY gifts

As we earlier stated, the thought and the love you put into giving presents counts and making a personalized gift is one hell of a way to show love. For instance, you can knit a Christmas sweater for your friends or family if you are good with hook and thread. Do It Yourself (DIY) gifts are cheap, yet they portray so much love and care. The time you put into making that special gift will have your loved ones smiling.

Shop early

Please don’t wait until a few days to Christmas to buy gifts. The demand is high, and most retailers hike the prices because they know you are desperate. The best time to shop for Christmas gifts is after the holidays are over. But because January may seem too early for some people, how about you buy your Christmas gifts immediately after Thanksgiving.


Gifting co-workers, family and friends is a Christmas culture that has been there since time immemorial. However, with the tough financial times due to the Covid-a9 pandemic, you may find it hard to buy gifts on a tight budget. Save money on Christmas gifts by shopping early, utilizing coupon codes, gifting discount gift cards and making DIY gifts.




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