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Should You Be Using Caravan Storage Services?

Caravan Storage Services

In Australia, many people holiday through our great country by using a caravan. After all, how else are you going to see all the sights on your way around? It’s an affordable way to travel and you don’t have to pay for hotels or pay for three meals out and about every single day. With so much to see in Australia and some incredibly pretty roads to drive down, it’s not a surprise that Australians love a caravan holiday. 

 But with all the good things that come with caravans, you will have to consider the fact that caravans require specific storage, and with more and more Australians no longer living in large houses and opting for more economic living solutions, it’s not a surprise that you may not be able to store your caravan at home. 

 There are a few options for where you can store your caravan, and one is at a local caravan storage space. Although there are costs involved there are some definite benefits to using these services, as outlined below. 

 It’s An Affordable Choice

Most people think that they can’t possibly afford to store a caravan at a dedicated facility, but you’d be surprised to see just how affordable it can be. Many companies can keep your caravan safe and secure for a low price each month over a 12-month period with more discounts the longer you need to store your caravan. You can also choose monthly plans as well, but they aren’t quite as popular. 

 It’s A Secure Choice

Although it may be cheaper to leave your caravan on a driveway or on your street, it may become the target of criminals who may want to vandalise the caravan, steal its contents or take the whole thing. Although you may have CCTV footage, it’s hard to catch culprits of vehicle-related crimes, so you may just be left without your trusted caravan. 

On the other hand, if you choose caravan storage in Melbourne, you aren’t just paying to store your caravan, you’re also paying for the security measures in place at the storage facility. This includes things such as security staff, CCTV cameras, high fences and more.  

 It’s An Investment

I’m sure you’re aware that Melbourne’s weather is known to be unpredictable. This means that we see rain in summer, storms in spring and hail in Autumn, not to mention branches falling and damage from these weather elements. With this in mind, if you want to prevent damage to your investment and not foot any extra repair costs before your future holidays, you should have it stored either undercover or indoors. Although this may not be possible at your home, you can get these services from a storage company. 

It’s Not Just For Caravans

Most caravan storage companies don’t just store caravans, they also store classic cars, boats of differing sizes, caravans, campervans and camper trailers. So if you aren’t interested in storing your caravan long term, but you do need a home for your classic car, they can often help. 

In addition, most companies are happy to retrieve your caravan from its location and drive it out to you when it comes time to collect it, you don’t even need to lift a finger. 

If you’re looking for a great caravan storage space in Victoria, you really can’t find a better option than Strongroom Caravan Storage, for safe, secure and affordable storage both undercover and outdoors. 

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