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These Are The Cryptocurrencies You Can Invest In With Very Little Money


Looking at current market trends, one can easily figure out that there is immense potential in the cryptocurrency market this year, i.e. 2022. With a plethora of options available and ease of access to all the tech that’s required to start investing, actually choosing and picking cryptocurrencies can be tough. It can feel like a daunting task to choose where you invest your capital, especially if you are doing this as a beginner or on an experimental basis. 

Here are some cryptocurrencies that hold an immense potential of giving you good gains, even with a limited capital.

  • Bitcoin

Most of the market feels like they lost their chance of investing in Bitcoin when it was being sold at $50. You can check how the returns are now by converting BTC to INR. This leading cryptocurrency is volatile, but after around 12 years of being in the market has reached a certain stability which will make your investment highly profitable. This is why beginners prefer to invest in Bitcoin despite its high prices. Since it is leading, Bitcoin can also be bought in fractions which ensures that the investor doesn’t go all out. 

  • Shiba Inu

Although it started as a meme coin, Shiba Inu is one of the top performing coins of this year. In fact, they are also working towards being more than just a meme coin- by launching a metaverse ad creating excitement among investors as well as the market this year. A direct competitor of doge, this coin saw major gains in the past year despite the market being down. You can check out the current rates by converting SHIB to INR and get a better idea of how much capital you’ll require for your investment. 

  • Avalanche

Avalanche is a new and open programmable smart contracts platform. It usually is claimed to function similar to Ethereum but its unique decentralized applications make it invaluable. It is said that Avalanche made huge profits between 2020 and 2022 which is approximately 2200%. It is here to make a change in the blockchain world. With its currently undervalued tokens, you can buy a lot of AVAX with little money and expect to make some profit soon. This makes it a lucrative option to invest in 2022 with limited funds. 

  • Apecoin

Apecoin is a newly launched gaming coin for 2022 which has made a splash on the crypto market. A fun fact is that this platform is made of over 10,000 collectible Bored Ape non fungible tokens (NFTs). Based on the Ethereum blockchain, this platform offers to buy a lot of profitable Altcoins, this makesApecoin a valued asset in your investments. Users also receive a 2% discount everytime they use the coins to purchase something, especially on e-commerce websites like Amazon, Walmart, ebay, etc,. 

  • Cordano

The biggest buzz of crypto town, Cordano is a promising cryptocurrency and has seen profits like nobody’s business in the past one year. One of the fastest growing cryptos, Cardano’s market cap of $40 billion dollars is only climbing higher and higher. Cardano facilitates everyone, newbie or expert, to code their own platforms as well making it a great choice for beginners. This inclusivity gives more access to investors and is one of the reasons why the coin is growing by leaps and bounds. Now would be the best time to buy cardano as it’s value is still not much, but steadily growing. 

  • Terra LUNA

Easily listed in the top 10 trending cryptocurrencies of 2022, especially in the blockchain projects. Between 2021 to 2022, Terra has exponiated 16,700% which makes it an excellent investment opportunity, even with limited capital. Although Luna has seen a flash crash of epic proportions in the past week, experts are predicting that the price is bound to rise and the token’s value will reach 300% by the end of this year. Investing a little amount won’t hurt, as the coin is currently devalued. 

With such a volatile market, returns on all your investments are also bound to be a reflection of that. Study the market and Research well for your capital. Don’t make hasty decisions when it comes to investing in cryptocurrency and follow tried and tested methods of investing while practicing prudence.

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