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Tips to purchase wooden laminates and maintain them


Designing a home is giving life to the interiors of a house. You not only design your home, but you also fill up the blank spaces. Interior decoration reflects your personality. It also offers you the scope to make a statement in style. Whether it is designing a home or office space, it’s hard to leave out laminates as they form a base of any décor plan. Today, most homeowners and designers consider laminate sheets a significant component in transforming a home décor idea into reality. - freelancers’ services from $10

However, before diving into the world of wooden laminates, let’s first know what laminates are and how they are useful in decorating our home.

Laminates can be simply defined as manufactured timber that is developed from thin sheets of substrates and adhesives. To be more specific, they are manufactured by pressing thin layers of plastic resins and flat paper with each other to create a sturdy and durable substance that is designed with colours and patterns for different décor needs. Whether you are designing your new property or renovating the interiors, you are bound to come across laminates in one form or another. They are available in a wide range of textures and colours to meet the various requirements of an interior design. 

In actuality, there are typically 5 types of laminates which comprise decorative laminates for interiors, compact laminates, high and low-pressure laminates, and industrial laminates for heavy-duty work. These laminates can be personalised by colours and textures according to individual needs. However, when you’re purchasing laminates, make sure to check the following points before making any decision.

How to buy wooden laminates?

  • Size of the laminate

Laminates come in panes, sheets, and boards for different kinds of applications. They are generally available in sheets of 8 feet by 4 feet dimensions. When it comes to walls, they come in rectangles and squares of various sizes. 

  • Durability

Laminates are known for their durability, which is better than solid wood. Furthermore, they are scratch-resistant, stain, and bacteria-resistant at the same time. Even they are resistant to wear and tear, moisture, heat, plus their colours and designs do not fade away when continuously exposed to sunlight. High-pressure laminate is also known for being fire retardant plus it does not generate any toxic gas or smoke when it comes in contact with fire. 

  • Easy to install and repair

One of the major reasons why most homeowners and corporate offices prefer laminates is they can be installed and repaired without going through much hassle. If laminates get chipped or warped they can be replaced with a new piece easily. Also, you can install or remove wood laminates from floors, furniture, and wall panels seamlessly. 

How to maintain laminate furniture?

Furniture with a laminate surface is much easier to clean and maintain than just plain wooden furniture. Minimal upkeep of laminate is enough to make them last for several years. Since they do not get scratched and stained, it removes any worry that you may have had in other surfacing alternatives. However, it is advisable to follow the given below tips to ensure the longevity of laminates used in the kitchen, bedroom, wardrobe, and other places in the best manner.

  • Utilise the right solvent to remove the stains

It is always advised to avoid hard solvents when cleaning a laminate surface. In case of tough stains, one can consider using neoprene and silicone joint sports and use the right solvents. When removing the stains from wardrobe laminate, use a soft bristle brush or damp cloth with the solvent to clean the laminate surface perfectly. Make sure to let the surface sit for some minutes prior to wiping with a damp cloth.

  • Utilise hot water for getting rid of vinyl glue

It goes without saying that hot water is an excellent cleaning agent that works perfectly when it comes to cleaning the surface of laminate sheets. This is an important way to clean vinyl glue on the surface. Also, use a microfiber cloth along with hot water and clean the surface. 

  • A mild soap water solution

Stubborn stains cause a lot of irritation when they are formed in a beautiful décor space. In which case, it is wise to clean it with a mild soap water solution for removing strong stains on laminates. Rub the damp cloth slowly on the stained area in a circular motion to get rid of the stain. 

  • Dusting once or twice a week

The easiest way to keep furniture clean is by dusting it every day or once-twice a week to keep it shining and spotless. The importance of dusting frequently lies in the fact that it prevents the collection of dust and thus prevents any chances of scratching. However, make sure you are not using furniture spray excessively because laminates are not porous and the cleansers cannot soak into laminates. 

Royale Touche is the best laminate brand in India. They offer a wide range of laminates in different textures, colours that can meet your design requirements easily. Now that you are aware that laminates are easy to maintain and have many benefits, explore the Royale Touche laminate catalogue to find the right laminate sheets for your home décor today.

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