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10 Awesome Ways to Organize Your gift bag storage

gift bag storage

Buying gift bag storage for friends, family, and loved ones can be stressful. Even though the giving counts, you still want to ensure your gift is wrapped in something pretty. You don’t want to go through all that work to throw away a crumpled paper bag or cardboard box with packing tape! That’s why we’ve put together this list of 10 awesome ways to organize your gift bags so they’ll last longer than just one occasion and look good while they’re doing it.

Keep gift bags on hand for every occasion with these gift bag organization ideas.

If you have a lot of gift bag storage to keep track of and store, it can seem like a daunting task. But don’t stress: the best way to organize your gift bag storage is by creating a simple system for anyone to follow. Here are 10 great ways to organize your gift bag storage, making them easy to find whenever you need them.

  • Let them live in an obvious spot in your home or office so they’re always easy to get at when needed.
  • Keep them organized in one place so that finding the right bag for the right occasion is quick and easy (and no one will end up using the wrong bag!)
  • Make sure their storage location won’t cause damage over time (like direct sunlight) or allow dust or pests in, which might ruin any food inside those precious treats!

Over the Door

You can use a tension rod to hang your gift bag storage over the door. You can do this in a lot of places, including:

  • The bathroom
  • A closet
  • A mudroom (you know, that place where you take off your shoes)
  • Or even on an inside entryway.

Under the Bed

Storing gift bag storage under your bed is great for anyone with limited space in their room and manygift bag storage to keep organized. If you have enough space under your bed, it’s an ideal place to store them because it’s out of sight and out of mind until you need them. It also makes sense if you want to keep them away from pets or small children.

The best way to organize the gift bag storage is by color: white for Christmas gifts, green for birthday gifts, blue for Hanukkah presents, and so on!

In a Bookcase

If you have a bookcase, you can keep your gift bag storage. The problem is that there are so many of them. So how do you organize them?

There are two ways: one is to use a basket or box to keep the gift bag storage organized; the other is to label each shelf with the names of holidays, like Christmas and Valentine’s Day, so when guests come over, they’ll know where to find their gifts!

On the Wall

You can hang gift bag storage on the wall using command hooks, adhesive hooks, and many other creative ideas.

  • Command hooks are great for hanging many different things, including gift bag storage. You can also use them to hang a corkboard or pegboard with several inexpensive adhesive hooks that hold gift bag storage in place.
  • A magnetic strip is another option; they’re ideal for hanging lightweight items like small toys and party favors.
  • Use an old wire basket to store your gift bag storage; fill it halfway and stack them vertically so they’ll be easy to reach!

Inside a Plastic Bin

Plastic bins are a great way to store gift bag storage. They’re durable and easy to stack and store and can also be used for other storage needs in your home.

Lazy Susan Style

A Lazy Susan is a rotating plate that can store and access small items. They are easy to make, affordable, and come in many different styles. They are great for organizing gift bag storage because they don’t take up much space, but they still hold plenty of bags!

A Lazy Susan is an inverted bowl on a spinning base. You can buy one at any major home improvement store or online retailer like Amazon. There are also many DIY projects on Pinterest if you’d prefer to make your own! DIY Lazy Susans are easy; you only need some scrap wood or plywood, regular hardware store screws or nails, a drill bit for your screws/nails, some paint if desired, and some adhesive (if needed).

Lazy Susans make organizing gifts super convenient because they allow you access from any angle. You don’t have to move things around, so everyone else can grab their bag in front of them!

Hang From Pegs

Next, consider storing your gift bag storage on pegboards. They’re inexpensive, easy to install, and can be hung in any room of your house as long as it has a wall to which you can screw a hook. Not only do pegboards provide excellent storage for all your gift-giving supplies (wrapping paper and ribbon included), but they also look great when the packages are opened up and displayed.

If you have empty walls in your garage or laundry room, hang up some pegboards there! You can organize them by color, size, or occasion so that everyone knows exactly what type of bag goes with what kind of present.

Ribbon Storage Boxes

How to make ribbon storage boxes:

  • Use a regular plastic bin and cut it down to the size you want your ribbon storage box to be (you can use a ruler for this). If you need access to a cutting tool, ask someone else who does.


  • Decorate the sides of your new box with whatever colors or patterns you like, and write something on each side, so it’s easy to remember what’s in each box when you put them away! I used washi tape because I think it looks pretty cute, but if you’re not into that kind of thing, skip steps 1-3 and move on to step 4 instead! To make things extra easy on yourself (or whoever else may be helping), let them know what color they need before they start decorating so they can get started immediately! It’ll save time later when everyone’s done making theirs too.


  • Put some packing peanuts inside each section so everything doesn’t fall off the floor during transport between rooms or apartments/houses etc.

In Drawer Dividers

It’s not hard to find a drawer divider that will do the job, but if you’re crafty, there is another option. Get some cardboard and make a few dividers wide enough to fit your gift bag storage. The upside of this method is that it can be customized to fit every bag you have (or want) and can also be painted any color!

Under Coffee Table Storage Trays

Who doesn’t love a storage tray? They’re so versatile and can be used for just about anything. For example, these trays are perfect for keeping your small gift bag storage organized and out of potential clutter if you have a coffee table. It’s also super easy to access when you need one and just as easy to pop back in its holder once you’re done using it!

You’ll never have to buy another gift bag again!

  • Make your gift bags. Making your gift bags is a great way to ensure that you’re using only the amount of packaging material you need. You can also sell them at a craft fair to recoup some of your costs or use them as an opportunity to give back by donating some of the profits to charity!


  • Recycle old gift bags. If you have any old gift bags in storage, dig them out and use them again! These would be especially helpful if they were originally made from sustainable materials such as recycled plastic or paper fibers.


  • Use them for other things instead of gifts, such as keeping electronics protected from dust and moisture when traveling, storing tools easily accessible under the sink, storing blankets in closets so they don’t take up too much room on shelves, etc.


Now that you’ve seen all these great ideas, there is no excuse not to have an organized gift bag collection! With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to keep your gift bags organized, so they never get lost or thrown away again. So go ahead, pat yourself on the back for being such an awesome person who cares about the environment!

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