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Improving Mental Health: Tips To Fight off Winter Blues

Mental Health

Winter is coming, and so are lazy and gloomy days. 

With colder temperatures and shorter days, people feel a significant change in their moods. It has been happening for years that in winter, people feel a particular kind of depression. This condition is clinically termed Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD.

SAD often exposes people to a high level of depression and lethargy, which can also lead to suicidal thoughts in severe cases. Although this condition is a lot more common in women, men can also experience this form of depression in winter.

Maintaining our well-being is always important regardless of the season, but for winters it is necessary to pay extra attention to your mental health. The lack of energy, high level of fatigue, and an overall feeling of sadness can soon take a toll on your mental condition and start interfering with your everyday life.

Following are some of the ways that can help you stay motivated and kill the winter blues.

Indoor Fun

You do not have to step out of your house to have all the fun. Since the pandemic, if there is one lesson that we have learned is that staying home does not have to be an episode full of depression or isolation. Instead, by investing in a few home entertainment mediums, you can have the best time indoors.

For instance, if you have Cox Contour TV in your home, you may host a fun TV show night for you, your family, and friends. Not only this but for some well-deserved ‘me time, all you need is a hot cup of coffee with your favorite TV show, and you will never want to step out of your home again.

While Cox Contour provides a lot of comfort with the Cox Contour Box, it does not mean that you should only stick to binge-watching TV shows and movies to have fun in winters.

The Ministry of Health suggests adults have at least 2.5 hours of physical activity each week. Therefore, you need to stay active indoors for your physical and mental well-being.

There are a number of innovative fitness technologies that assist with in-home workouts. Not to forget apps that recommend effective home exercises to keep you active. Also know about avple 

Soaking Sunlight – Safe Sunny Traveling

You must know that Vitamin D is necessary for your health, considering it maintains the teeth, bones, and even contributes to improving mental health. However, you might not know that Vitamin D deficiency causes a greater risk of depression, which can surely double the effect of winter blues.

Therefore, if you want to make your body and mind relax, then soaking yourself in sun for 15 mins can help you get enough vitamin D. You should do this at least three times a week. Adequate sun exposure also balances the level of serotonin, which is a hormone that stabilizes mood.

Apart from having sun exposure, you can take a trip to some parts of Europe where snowfall does not hit the ground this time of the year. Greece, Cyprus, Southern Sicily, and the South of France offer beautiful sunny weather with mild temperatures.

Do Not Forget to Stay Connected!

We have learned a lot from the pandemic, but the biggest lesson was to stay connected. Now, for fighting winter blues, it is necessary to take appropriate levels of Vitamin D, have some sunny days for traveling, and stay active indoors; but the most important element is to stay connected. Sharing how you feel and understanding what others are going through will help you fight the loneliness and isolation that comes with winter.

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