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Why It Makes Sense To Hire A Private College Consultant—And How It May Save You Money

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At many private institutions, four years of study now cost between $180,000 and $200,000. The most expensive purchase most people will make in their lifetime is college, second only to a home. Despite these fees, many students choose a college without doing enough research to determine which one would be the most excellent fit for them. Due to this, one in three college students transfer out of the institution where they first enrolled, and five out of ten take five or more years to get their degrees. Finding the ideal institution for any student can be challenging, given the enormous variety of options. By selecting the ideal college the first time, hiring a professional college counselor can help students avoid these expensive errors.

Finding the appropriate college can be stressful for many kids, as it can be for their parents as well. In addition to juggling homework, extracurricular activities, friendships, and being a teenager, the student is also attempting to balance her colleges in Dallas. Finding the ideal balance can be challenging. At the same time, parents stress about giving their kids the most excellent possible future and place more pressure on the student than necessary.

Some of the pressure can be reduced by consulting with a professional. Without acting like a hovering parent, a skilled consultant can stand back and assist the kid in addressing those difficulties relating to the college search process. The ideal kind of nurturing is left up to the parents.

As universities have grown more selective, a private college consultant can aid in understanding what is required to be admitted. Even those institutions that many students once regarded as safe schools are no longer safe schools since they are now far more selective in who they admit.

High test scores and grade point averages no longer guarantee admission to most institutions. Colleges now consider a student’s extracurricular activities, interests, and volunteer work. They assess a student’s essay writing skills and, frequently, how they come across during the interview process. The student can best express themselves to the college admissions office with the assistance of the college adviser.

However, not only top students require assistance in selecting a college. Finding the correct institution for a less competitive student is as crucial. Compared to some more prestigious universities, many less competitive colleges have higher dropout rates and lower graduation rates. In addition, colleges with four-year graduation rates under 50% are somewhat prevalent. These students frequently want assistance locating a university where they can learn and still graduate in a respectable amount of time.

Students with atypical circumstances are another set of students who frequently gain the assistance of a private college consultant. Finding colleges with specific resources not found at all institutions is necessary for students with unique needs and learning difficulties. Students who are homeschooled can also profit from a qualified private consultant. Homeschooled children may be disadvantaged because many universities are confused about evaluating a student without standard grades. The kid can work with a college consultant to articulate their best attributes in a way that universities will find compelling.

Many students go to their high school guidance counselors for assistance in choosing the best college. Some students are lucky enough to work with an accomplished college guidance counselor. But even these dedicated specialists lack time to interact closely with each student who requests such guidance.

More often than not, guidance counselors are too busy to spend time assisting each kid with their college search. Many high school counselors are unable to give each kid individualized college advice due to the typical ratio of roughly 500 students to each counselor. Due to time constraints, it is usual for many of these busy counselors to only be aware of state schools that they regularly work with. They frequently lack time to research extremely selective institutions or institutions for students with special needs.

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